Free Campsite in Arizona

Posted by: The Photo Investigator in Free Campsite 3 years, 10 months ago

Centered between I-10 and I-8 in Arizona, North of Yuma, the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge is a great spot to get away and camp for free in wide open spaces.  The name comes from the King of Arizona mine, as this refuge was the site of many gold mines.  You can see some of the old mines here, at a museum, or various closed off mine shafts throughout. 

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Arrested by Unwitting Photo GPS Coordinates

Posted by: The Photo Investigator in XYZ 4 years, 1 month ago

John McAfee was in for a surprise when he chose to boast his freedom from chasing authorities via a popular blog reporter.  Not only was the photo of terrible quality and with an object blocking part of the scene, but also the unassuming reporter posted a photo which included the exact GPS location of McAfee, and within a short time he was in custody. To view the GPS metadata, save the photo to your iPhone or iPad, and open the photo from within the Photo Investigator app.

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