Free Campsite at the Artic Circle, Alaska

Posted by: The Photo Investigator 6 years, 8 months ago

The Dalton Highway stretches from Fairbanks, Alaska, to the Artic Ocean, and is the only road which reaches the Artic Ocean in Alaska.  The Alaska Pipeline loosely follows the path of the road all the way to transport oil from the Artic to Valdez.  The Dalton highway was created in order to build the pipeline, and is one of the roughest highways in the world, stretching 300 miles without a gas station.  The photo below contains GPS coordinates to the free campground at the Artic Circle, check out the GPS location and get directions using the iOS Photo Investigator App:

Alaska Free Campsite GPS Metadata Image

The road is mostly hard packed dirt, with some sections of pavement.  The toughest driving for my 2 wheel drive Accord was actually where they were repairing the road.  The repair crew douses a long section with water, and then grades it with another machine.  This results in a lengthy patch of mud, so I made sure to not slow down and get stuck.  The car was the dirtiest I've ever seen afterward, but the adventure was worth it.  Conversing with Caribou hunters, climbing finger rock along the way (below), and I also wrote an iOS app to graph EEG data from a headband while "chilling" in my tent before bed.  Be sure to be road aware, bear aware, and prepared for chilly conditions.  There is no such thing as bad weather, only insufficient clothing.

Finger Rock GPS Metadata Image Alaska