Free Campsite on Alaska Highway near Liard Hotsprings

Posted by: The Photo Investigator 6 years, 9 months ago

The Liard hotsprings were a major highlight of the long Alaska Highway.  The image below contains the GPS location of a scenic and private campsite nearby.  To see the GPS metadata on a map, download the Photo Investigator iOS App.  You can even get directions right to the site, by opening the location in the Maps app from the map view of the Photo Investigator:

GPS Metadata Image Free Campsite Alaska Highway

The Liard hotsprings have been a major destination along the Alaska highway for years.  You pay a small fee (I think $5, but for some reason they let me in free :), and then take a short boardwalk across a warm pond to reach the springs.  Some little creatures you won't find around live in this strange environment.  When you reach the hotsprings, you'll see a large changing cabin, right up against the spring.  Liard is a rustic hotspring, ringed by dirt and plants, except the 30' stretch by the changing rooms.

Image with GPS Metadata of Liard Hotsprings

Up near the source, the water is uncomfortably hot, although you can get closer by paddling water up from underneath the scorching surface.  At the other end, the natural pool widens out, with a horseplay log stretching the entire width.  Past this, crouch through a narrow secluded channel until the water disappears through some rocks.

Also, all around the hotsprings you'll see wild herds of bison on the road.