How to See Which of Your Photos have GPS Locations Inside

Posted by: The Photo Investigator 4 years, 2 months ago

No one wants to be caught off guard, sending their GPS location unknowingly. You're about to learn how to find out which of your photos have a GPS location, and how to remove it if you want.

Check which Photos have GPS Metadata

Install the Photo Investigator and follow these directions.

In the app, as you browse through your images the photos with globes over them have a GPS location stored inside the file.

iOS find GPS photos

Another way to see which of your photos have GPS metadata is to see them on the map view. In the app, while browsing your photos, hit the “Map” tab in the lower right.

iOS find GPS photos

You can even check if a photo has GPS by using the "share" button from other apps. This is really useful when someone messages or emails you a photo.  You don't even have to save the photo to check its GPS, size, timestamp and other information.

iOS find GPS photos

Removing GPS Metadata

There are three ways to remove a photo's GPS metadata using the Photo Investigator app.

The first option is to use the extension to remove all of a photo's metadata. This will re-save the image, with the same quality, but without the GPS location, time taken, camera information, and other photo metadata.

iOS remove GPS metadata

The second option is in the main app. After you've selected the photo, hit Metadata → Remove.

iOS remove GPS metadata

The third option is to edit a photo's metadata in the main app. First select the photo, and then hit Metadata → Edit.  Using the edit feature, you can also add or edit a location, timestamp or caption within the app's metadata.

iOS remove GPS metadata


Not all photos have a GPS location. The type of camera and camera settings will affect if the photo is geotagged. To shut off geotagging for your iPhone photos, go into the Settings app → Privacy → Location Services → and disable the Camera app.

If you'd like more information about setting up the “share” button to check out photo metadata from Photos, Messages, Safari, and Mail, check out this other article.

Now you're equipped to quickly and easily understand which of your photos have GPS metadata.  If you don't think that's important, check out the GPS metadata on this photo that got John McAfee arrested when he was running from the police in Central America.


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