iOS Trick: Make a Photo Always First

Posted by: The Photo Investigator 4 years ago

Why Would I Do This?

I used this trick to have a picture of my girlfriend always show. If you always send the same image to people, perhaps your business card, contact information, etc, you could make it always show up as the first image in the iOS photo picker. Or you could have your best memes always available.


What's This Look Like?

This trick is applicable in these places and more:

  • Snapchat photo picker
  • Moments in the iOS photo picker (from Messages, Mail, etc)
  • “Photos” tab in the Photos App
  • In iOS9, it's even more visible

Make a Photo Appear First in the iOS Image Picker

In this example, the red star shows where the trick is visible.


How Can I Do This?

To accomplish this, you just have to edit the date saved in the photo's metadata.  Set the timestamp to a date in the future, like the year 2020.

Download the Photo Investigator app, then open it up and take the following steps:

Edit iOS Photo Date / Timestamp

Then, set a date in the future, and save the photo.

I've used this trick for a while, and thought I'd share it.